Parties and gatherings under the traffic light framework


We are over the moon for our Auckland party queens! Life will start to look a little more normal from 3 December when New Zealand moves to the traffic light system.

So, what does this mean for over-the-top party planning mums?!

You can still plan and execute an amazing party for your little one under all traffic lights. There is a little more admin required under Red than under Orange or Green, but the day can still be everything you dreamed of.

Our top tips for stress-free parties under RED

  1. Decide early on: My Vaccine Pass OR No My Vaccine Pass.

    This is completely your decision to make. If there’s a family member who absolutely must attend but isn’t vaccinated, then you’ll be opting to go without My Vaccine Pass and a much smaller guest list of 25. If you want to invite up to 100 people, or would like the added reassurance of the My Vaccine Pass, you’ll need to have a ‘scanning’ plan to check guest Vaccine passes as they arrive. You are the party organiser so it’s up to you to make the decision and follow the appropriate measures outlined by the government. You can read more about the specifics about gatherings under the traffic light framework here: Red or Orange

  2. Have a FUN designated ‘scan in’ area at the entrance.

    A scan in area doesn’t have to be tedious or boring. You can make it part of the fun event experience by having a designated friend or family member to meet and greet guests at the entrance. Guests can be scanned in (on both My Vaccine Pass and tracer app) and you can also use this as an opportunity to hand out yummy favours or treats as part of the overall welcome experience. Dress up a table with balloons or decorations and it’ll blend right in.

  3. Give guests a heads up

    No two events under RED will be the same. Make life a bit easier for your guests by including a little note on the invitation about how you plan to keep your gathering safe under RED.
    Examples could be:
  • This is a My Vaccine Pass event, please remember to bring your pass along. We look forward to partying with you! OR
  • Our small celebration is limited to 25 people so no Vaccine Passes are required. Please RSVP confirmed numbers to 02112345##

You can read more about the traffic light framework on the website, or if you have any questions please get in touch with us!

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